About Us

Ujung Kulon  EcoTravel supports tourism in a region with only few jobs. At the same time our aim is to control visitor numbers and their behaviour in order to prevent negative impacts on social and ecological systems. With the tours operated by EcoTravel Carita Beach, we optimize your support for the environment and the well-being of animals in the Ujung Kulon National Park. Equally important is the support of local people in and around Carita beach. So we also offer homestays with local families in addition to our sustainable adventure tours. On top of supporting your host by enjoying their home made food and accommodation, you also help their communities: 5% of the price of this tour goes to the village fund.

As the team of our tour operator are local, they are in constant touch with their communities and families. The English speaking guides are certified by the local ITGA-HPI (Indonesia Tourist Guides Association - Himpunan Pramuwisata Ind.) and have excellent knowledge of plants and animals living in the rainforest. We insist on two guides taking care of you while jungle-trekking. They will be constantly searching for wildlife and providing lots of information. Families with children will be supported by additional guides. For overnight treks we further provide porters, cooks and a rafting team no matter if you are trekking as a couple or in a group.

Meeting local people is the base of many other tours. Here your guide will act as interpreter and show you the Indonesian way of life in West Java. Being deeply rooted in this region our experienced team in Carita Beach will help you discover the rainforest and the Indonesian culture in a unique and innovative way.

We are dedicated to providing trusted, transparent information about responsible, sustainable and certified ecotourism travel vacations both in the JAVA and Indonesia.  We provide you with clear definitions for ecotourism, key information about regional certifications and international standards for ecotourism, topical news, certified ecotour search and reservation capabilities, volunteer conservation effort search, tour reviews and  to share your eco-travel experiences.

Need help designing an eco-vacation itinerary that is also environmentally friendly? 

We can create a personalized itinerary that incorporates some of the eco-travel tips suggested on this site with a trip that may be just right for you.

Even if Greenloons does not represent all accommodations or ecotourism activities, we'll provide you with the information that will make your eco-vacation unique, memorable and sustainable.

Principles of ecotourism

Ecotourism travel focuses on the discovery of a natural or wildlife habitat in a manner that maximizes local economic and social goals, and reduces the possibility of environmental degradation.  It is about preserving ecosystems, educating visitors about conservation, empowering localities, operating sustainable tourist attractions – and, most of all, having fun and unique family experiences!  Greenloons defends the principles of ecotourism in that it should:

  • Support the conservation of natural areas and wildlife
  • Minimize air and water pollution as well as tourist waste
  • Offer safe and enriching or educational visitor experiences
  • Respect the cultural tradition of the host destination
  • Maintain and enhance the landscape so as to avoid physical or environmental degradation
  • Efficiently use scarce or non-renewable resources, and
  • Maximize opportunities for local prosperity for the host destination in the form of long-term economic viability for tourism, local management control, quality employment, local retention of visitor spending, and fair distribution of economic and social benefits.